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Inspired by the future - your vision, your path! 

Personal navigator

Welcome to the "Personal Navigator" workshop for people who are working on unleashing their individual abilities and possibilities by creating clarity, increasing their self-efficacy, and focusing on creating their future path.

Day 1: Discovering your basics

My value tree and my needs

We begin the journey with deep self-reflection to explore your core values and essential needs. These form the foundation for your future development as a leader.

My canvas with my strengths and development potential, my roles.

By creating a customized Canvas, you will identify your strengths and areas for development. How many hats do I have on? You will analyze your various roles and how they align with your professional goals.


Day 2: Focus on a positive future

Positive Future Tea and Ikigai - Purposefinding

We will start the day with an inspiring session to awaken positive energies and start the day focused. Afterwards we will intensively deal with the essential questions of life, what really brings me joy? What benefit do I create with it? We will develop our unique purpose, for which it is worth getting up every day!

Clarity Canvas, Feedback from Peers and Compassionate Honesty

Using the Clarity Canvas we will concretize your Purpose with a vision for the future and break it down to goals, projects and tasks. You will also receive valuable feedback from your peers and practice the art of honest compassionate communication.

Day 3: The path to your future

Future Tea, Future Persona and Stinky Fis

We begin the final day with a special Future Tea to gather desired futures for the day. Then we dive into creating your Future Persona. What will my life look like in a few years? What will my typical day look like? Last but not least, we take a close look at potential stumbling blocks and obstacles, your individual Stinky Fish of your professional success. 

Your Pitch and Discover Feed Forward

You will learn how to present your professional goals clearly and convincingly. We will also establish a positive forward-thinking feedback culture to empower you in your Growth Mindset.

Mountain of Tomorrow and Self-Care

All insights and results flow together into the big picture "Mountain of Tomorrow". Here you design an effective plan for the next phase of your professional development and get closer to your Purpose.


Finally, we focus on your personal self-care to ensure you continue to unleash your full, individual potential.


We look forward to accompanying you on this exciting and sustainable journey to future-ready leadership!

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