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Who would have thought of DIGITAL news in real time back then?


with Alice Peschke and Katharina Heger


Future Thinking makes it possible to approach desirable future scenarios in a playful and co-creative way and to shape them in more detail. The method supports, among other things, the accompaniment of transformation processes and the visualisation of possible change potentials. Existing paradigms can be overcome and new perspectives for future trends and desirable futures can be addressed. Back from the future, concrete action steps are defined and implemented in the here and now in order to approach this perspective together.


When is FUTURE THINKING useful?

  • People are affected

  • The initial situation is complex

  • There are different views on what the problem/solution is

  • Applicable solutions are not available

  • The solution requires innovation / learning / experimentation

  • It makes sense to take a perspective from the future

  • Room for "thinking out of the box" is needed

  • Questioning the status quo is desirable

  • To find new solutions, different stakeholders have to be involved


What does this workshop offer?

  • Jointly exploring, developing & shaping future knowledge and visions in multidisciplinary teams

  • Training long-term, strategic & future-oriented thinking & future skills in general

  • Promoting exchange & cooperation as well as opportunities for co-creation by employees

  • Stimulating future discourses

  • Use of co-creative methods to shape different futures and visions

  • Creating a common basis for further agile & innovative approaches

  • Strengthening self-awareness & promoting perspective change

  • Building empathy and understanding for each other

  • Learning to step out of one's own thought patterns & look at the world more holistically

  • Taking a new look at attitudes, perspectives and behaviour

  • Increased acceptance of change processes, new forms of work/agile methods through active participation of employees

  • Possibility of team building across (departmental) boundaries

  • Development of a common vision of the future

Workshop content

  1. Getting to know the Future Thinking method

  2. Designing desirable future scenarios with the help of co-creative work

  3. Identifying future trends,

  4. Carrying out a STEEP analysis

  5. Looking at megatrends/trends

  6. Integrating design thinking approaches

  7. Making possible future strategies visible

  8. Designing ideas for implementation

  9. Creating & testing prototypes

  10. Obtaining feedback on the prototype

  11. Determining the next/first steps

  12. Developing a roadmap


Workshop facilitators

Alive Peschke

Alice is a coach & consultant for Inner Work, New Work & Leadership.

She develops and designs experiences that invite learning, unfolding and questioning and inspire mindful as well as courageous potential development & change. Her passion is to design future work as a place of development, empowerment and co-creation and to put people as a whole at the centre of her work. After more than 15 years working in marketing, sales and consulting, she has been working independently as a coach & consultant as well as a lecturer/examiner in the field of new work, agile project management and personal development since 2020.


Katharina Heger

Katharina is a New Work Developer and advises organisations in the areas of agile systems, strategy, corporate culture, process, change and project management. In addition to training and facilitation in the areas of New Work, Design Thinking and behavioural skills, she also assists with topics such as intercultural cooperation, virtual communication of global teams as well as coaching project managers and management in the areas of project management and leadership skills. Her purpose is to inspire people to shape their working world in a meaningful way, with sustainable partnerships and joy!

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